To pack for a hike that you're also going to Campout at is not always easy here is how you do it.

Step 1: Bottom

Most backpacks have a zipper at the bottom for your sleeping bags. Put your sleeping bag at the bottom.

Step 2: Side

In your side pockets put your main essentials like:

•Forks Spoons and Knives
•Stove and gas
•FIRST AID (Be prepared for the worst )
•Toilet Paper
•Extra Line

Step 3: Top

At the top should be your mess kit, clothes, rain gear. Always bring rain gear just in case.


Be prepared for the worst. Have
Everything you need it's important. Usually put my first aid in my fanny pack.

Step 5: Tent and Pad

Usually your pack has a thing on the side to hold your tent and pad if not strap it on the front.

Step 6: Thanks

Thanks please comment and like.
<p>what is your sleeping bag rated for (temperature)? Also, where's the food?</p>
Awesome job brah!
What is the name of your sleeping bag
<p>That's nice to know<br></p>

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