Introduction: How to Pack for a Nerf War

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This Instructible will show you how to pack for any nerf war.

Step 1: Choosing a Primary

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A good primary is anything that can fire rounds off very quickly, a common problem I had when I started Nerf was that my guns were too slow to reload. A flywheel blaster will work fine, I like to use the demolisher.

Step 2: Secondary Blasters

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Choosing a good secondary is even more important than choosing a primary. Say you run your primary dry, you need backup blasters to protect you. A great secondary to use is a good ole' revolver, they are easy to reload and can have a decent rate of fire. A good revolver could be the Zombie strike Hammershot or the Elite Strongarm. Another thing you will need to have on you is a holstered blaster, using the Zombie strike Sidestrike or the Elite firestrike is recommended because of their range and accuracy.

Step 3: The Last Resort

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When you are almost out of ammo and you don't have time to reload any of your heftier blasters, a great choice for a small, compact weapon would be a nerf jolt or a triad (which I do not own.) keep a few jolts with you at all times just in case. The jolt has decent range and accuracy, leading to a successful sneak attack or just a scouting mission.

Step 4: How to Pack

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First what you need is a shoulder bag/small backpack, or as EpicMinecrafter870 has suggested a Nerf tacticlal vets, a package or more of darts, and some clips. Load the bag with all you want except for your primary, darts, and your holstered blaster. Pack all of your secondary blasters, emergency clips, and a few jolts. Optional items may include: water, food, compass, phone, and first aid. Have fun, and dominate your opponents! Thanks for viewing


HelpfulDude09 (author)2016-02-15

Uh why do u need food and a compass and first aid? This is just a nerf war, no need to treat it like a real one.

EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2015-06-11

Holy balls my loadout is almost identical. I keep my sidestrike on my hip in the holster. I currently use a modded stryfe but am soon getting a demo. I bring a firestrike and my triad which you had mentioned. I bring a few grenades too. I also bring my cycloneshock or flipfury in my backpack too as a tertiary. May I suggest one thing? Get the tactical best or something to put your triad/jolts in so you can grab one easily without having to dig through your backpack.

Nerf standard loadout:
Primary: modded Stryfe + Fully Modded Roughcut 2x4 + Stock Rapidstrike
Secondary: Modded Nite Finder + Modded Hammershot + Modded Maverick + Modded Strongarm
Specialist Weapon: Dual Modded Vulcan arm mounted + BO3 Inspired Gravity Spikes and Overwatch Bow (CO2 Powered Bow)

I dual-wield the HammerShot and the Doublestrike... because it's the only blasters that I actually have. Lol

*Tactical vest

I wouldn't get the demolisher if I were you, unless you want to cut the shell. For me personally, the rocket launcher is just too bulky.

the flywheels actually burned out on my demolisher a few months ago, my plan is to integrate the rocket lainched into the short modulus barrel.

IssacK (author)2015-08-23

I reccomend that you should organize a loadout by making a "class"

nerfanator135 (author)2015-07-20

EpicMinecrafter870 I do actually have the tactical vest and I love it, thank you for suggesting it and I will add it to this instructible:)

123 instructable (author)2015-03-23

This is awsome

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