Introduction: How to Paint a Cute Nail Design

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Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need a base and top coat, silver and white. You will also need two of the same colors but different shades. Ex. The two pinks that I used for my nails were Sally Henson heart of stone and NYC Broadway burgundy frost. Any two colors will do.

Step 2: Base Coat and White

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Add a vase coat to your nails.Then paint all of your nails white besides your ring fingers.

Step 3: Painting the Main Colors

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Paint all your nails your lightest of the two colored nail polishes you chose besides the ring finger. Then paint your ring finger silver.

Step 4: Add a Cute Heart

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To finish off your nails add a cute little heart with the darkest of your two colors you chose to your ring finger. Then add a top coat and let it dry.


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