Picture of How To Paint A Gun Camo And A Gun Holster
I show you how to paint a gun camo and a gun holster

Step 1: Getting Ready

Picture of Getting Ready
you will need:

Airsoft Gun

Airsoft Pistol Holster(optional)

Spray Paint( color varies from what type of camo.)

leaves and newspaper.
ilpug3 years ago
Nice and simple camouflage job, I like it. The mini-electric M-14 is rather horrible. I used to have one, and it was ridiculously lame, but lasted forever, so was also quite fun.
Hitman2274 years ago
Nice 'ible + gun!
What kind of leaf did you use for the holster? :) ROFL!
 The good ol' 'Mary Jane' plant?
Thats what I was thinking!
I think you guys have inhaled to many fumes. d:p
Lenny245 years ago
Great Instructable! Simple and cool. Ye, I need this kind of Camo for a Gun im' making. Big thanks!
The gun looks like someonething you would buy at the dollar store, but the holder came out looking very nice.
yeah the gun i got for like ten bucks.
What is the pistol name?It looks like the one I want to buy,a Daisy Powerline 15xt.
DWordDtour (author)  bylerfamily6 years ago
its a stinger p-30. i got it at an alco store. it isn't the most accurate gun but it shoots pretty strong and hurts if you get hit.
deathdaisy6 years ago
he never said he painted them he just said that they were hand panted lol
Xenonoga6 years ago
yeah jayro ditto to #2 I looked 'em up and I found those sold on the internet. -.-
thats kinda simple but really good!!!
jayro 77 you are such a liar you definatley did not paint those
bobbyk8817 years ago
This is really cool but, may I add a safety note: Put tape over the tip because police may think its a real gun. So remember kids oranges is good for you.
yummy-oranges n bananas
ha ha.
lol just kidden-yuk
jayro7077 years ago
gun=weak holster=sweet
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
They came out looking good.