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After reading through a number of posts about painting a skateboard and ruining a friends deck at a party. I decided to give it a go. The only thing I wanted to do different was make more layers and have it hand drawn. I had a lot if fun doing it, I hope you do to. I would like to thank CraigSnedeker his post on the topic is what I based my project on.
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Step 1: Acquire Equipment

Picture of Acquire Equipment
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13 17:31.jpg
What you'll need: Skateboard Spray paint (I chose midnight blue, reef blue, black, white, Tuesday afterburn orange and jasmine yellow) Pencil Paper (both drawing and grease proof, lots) Scalpel or Stanley knife (make sure it's sharp, helps) Tape Sandpaper Detergent and hot water

Step 2: Sketch

Picture of Sketch
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Sketch what you want to put on the board. This is an important step, it helps you plan your idea. I don't really spend much time doing this however, it is just a sketch it doesn't have to be perfect. Just to guide you later.

Step 3: Create A Template Of The Board

Picture of Create A Template Of The Board
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Line up pieces of paper end to end, roughly a bit longer than the board, and tape them together (although I didn't in hindsight I would not over lap them it makes it easier to fold and store it flat). Now with this, place it over your board and fold it over the kickers at each end. Tape the paper around the board to the other side making a nice bend in the paper the exact length of your deck. Using a pencil just roughly shade around the side of the deck this will give you the exact shape of your board, feel for the truck screws and add them in. Remove template.

Step 4: Sketch Template Layer 2

Picture of Sketch Template Layer 2
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Sketch the design onto the template. I put my whole design on there roughly just so I could work out proportions. Fiddle around with it as much as you want. Because of the peanut face I am doing I will be using to template later as the stencil for the hair things.
I got a friend that looks like this. Nice board.
jowmumma (author) 1 year ago
Kiteman1 year ago
Nice job - good to see you can get good results without needing expensive equipment.