Introduction: How to Paint Nes

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This is a tutorial on how to paint an nes

Step 1: The Paint

Go to your local ace,lowes, or Home Depot. I prefer red but other colors are cool too.

Step 2: The Painting

Take a piece of flattend cardboard into the yard and take the case of the nes and put it on the cardboard then shake up the spray paint well and then spray away. Make sure you cover up the led too.

Step 3: Your Done

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If you painted it red it should look like this hope this was usefull


wes2103 (author)2014-02-12

Sorry haven't been on here in a long time and they do. Do not paint the buttons on the remote.

phurst2 (author)2013-11-28


phurst2 (author)2013-11-28

The buttons don't stuck or anything?

wes2103 (author)2013-06-10

Valspar gloss. paint plus primer interior / exterior

jbrown120 (author)2013-06-01

Could you specify the type of paint you used, not all work well with plastics.

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