How to Paint Urban Cammo





Introduction: How to Paint Urban Cammo

Step 1:

Hello everybody, in this instructable ill show you how to paint almost anything in a red urban cammo. To do the urban cammo you need : red, grey, white, and black spray-paint for the black and white I recommend the adjustable angle nozzle. You also need primer

Step 2:

Prime the item to be painted, in my case it's a krambit knife

Step 3:

After a few coats of primer, you now need to put a coat of white on the item

Step 4:

Now you need to take the red paint and ONLY PAINT A FEW LINES AND A FEW LITTLE SPIRTS of paint, you can use the photo as a baseline

Step 5:

Now add only a few spurts of grey

Step 6:

Now the black it the most important part, try to make lines at varying angles, this step varies on how dark you want the cammo to be.

Step 7:

Now you can clear coat if you want to. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment, like, and ask questions. Also don't forget to vote! Thanks.



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    An the main thing in the instructable is a karambit, which is a type of self defense knife

    They are: a bayonet to my mk1 homemade gun, various other knives, a tomahawk, and the stock to my mk2 homemade gun. At this point I have gotten the whole gun painted like this

    Could you please describe the objects you painted? I could not figure out what all of them are.