How to Paint Wine Bottles With Chalkboard Paint


Introduction: How to Paint Wine Bottles With Chalkboard Paint

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Time to get Artsy!!. I am not really an artsy kinda guy, I leave that up to my wife. She usually find something on the internet and then asks me to make it, and this was one of those projects. It was fun and simple. The challenge was getting the labels off. Some bottles the labels came of easy, other did not. Make sure you get the labels wet with the Goof Off first before you start trying to take the labels off. You will have to do this a couple time before getting the label completely off.

The painting part was the easiest. I would recommend two coats of the chalkboard paint on the wine bottles, especially the clear and light green ones.

If you do this project, send me pictures via Facebook or Twitter. I think it will be interesting to see what people decide to write on the bottles.



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    You can soak the bottles in soapy water or Powdered Brewery Wash(get it at a home brew shop) to get the labels off safer.