Picture of How To Paint Your Dog's Toenails (PAINLESSLY!)
It took a long time but I finally did it!
How to paint your dog's toenails!

Step 1: Cleaniless and an accessorie

Picture of Cleaniless and an accessorie
I put a bracelet on my dog just to make it cute!
(but she ended up biting it off and ripping it to shreds
before i could stop her...)

But you still need a towel even for the cutest dogs!
Especially if you have a rug...
I had a Great Dane.... with big pretty nails to paint.. Dogs love it when you massage their paws...so, I massaged first and ended with painting. It was fun for us both.
Sunny124613 (author)  got2bskilled2 years ago
that's nice got2bskilled. thank u for viewing.
jasfit005 years ago
You do realise there are 'dog friendly' nail polishes that are much safer than using human polish. Don't you?...... Why would you even risk putting that on your dog? Stop being lazy and go out and buy proper doggy nail polish. Please. You can find them at most pet stores... I would never put anything that could be remotely harmful on my dog. Neither should you.
Sunny124613 (author)  jasfit002 years ago
i was like 10 when i did this
lala782 years ago
Sunny, you're doggie is adorable! X)
Sunny124613 (author)  lala782 years ago
thank u lala78
Hollandia6 years ago
Painting your dogs nails is really not funny. The dog has absolutely no fun.

Try Agility, or other dogsports that are dogfriendly.
Or use your time better to help in a dogshelter.
Sunny124613 (author)  Hollandia6 years ago
sry i was just bored that day with nothing to do... but my dog kinda enjoyed it (i was lying that time)
Flumpkins7 years ago
Yay! Now are you gonna start that instructable on how to grow a beard?
Sunny124613 (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
maybe,maybe not. I juts need a time waster
Sunny124613 (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
probably not though,maybe i can convince my bro...
mrbob10007 years ago
yeah... its fun to paint your dogs toe nails... dress them up too and its just great!
Sunny124613 (author)  mrbob10007 years ago
oh yah,I dressed my dog up with a Build-A-Bear swimsuit i had It was funny! But I think my dog did not like it one bit...
I think you did not notice the magical thing known as SARCASM there.
Sunny124613 (author)  Williz7 years ago
um,helloooo,I'm a con-artist i would have known!!! but I just like my dog and her toenails(that sounded weird)