How to Peel an Orange Quickly


Introduction: How to Peel an Orange Quickly

This is a trick I learned from a child. It is quick, easy and no orange is wasted. The. Peel can also be used for orange zest or boil on top of stove to enhance the smell of your house as well as other uses.

Step 1:

Start with an orange and a tablespoon from your cutlery drawer.
Invert spoon( turn it over) and insert into the orange just beneath the skin.

Step 2:

Push the spoon up under the peel, between the orange & the peel while moving spoon side to side.

Step 3:

Once enough peel has been loosened from the orange,use hands to remove peel. Repeat process as necessary

Step 4:

. Remove extra pith from orange as desired using the same method.

Step 5:

.Break open. & enjoy.



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    30 years old never seen that b4 very clever thanks