How to Peel Garlic Fast


Introduction: How to Peel Garlic Fast

Garlic is so awesome! But peeling isn't really the funnest thing in the world. Now here is the solution to save you time. So next time you are looking at couple of bundles of garlic you will thank me for not having to peel all that skin.

What you need to peel garlic
A cutting board

A wide knife


A closed container

How to Peel Garlic

Take the garlic root side done and press from the top down on the garlic. When the cloves pop out place them inside of the container, close it and shake. After about 20 seconds all your garlic should be peeled and all you have to do is was it off.




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    This is such a useful method for peeling large quantities of garlic. This method is limited only by one's shaking powers and covered bowl volume. Kudos on a great video and accompanying text.

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