Introduction: How to Pens Fly Out of Your Desk

Very cool prank!

Step 1: Get a Pen

Once you got a pen take it apart you only need the spring and the hollow part

Step 2: Drop the Spring in the Hollow Part

Take the spring and put in the hollow part

Step 3: Get a Stick

Get a stick that's skinney enough to fit in it. I tend to use chopsticks

Step 4: Sharpen It

Step 5: Put It in the Hollow Part

Above the spring

Step 6: Put It in a Desk Draw

Against something sturdy and push it back

Step 7: Close the Draw


Step 8: Wait

Wait for someone to open it It should fly out


jascraft22 (author)2015-01-24

Couldn't the sharpened stick.... Ummmm... Kill someone??? Otherwise cool, i would use a non-sharpened stick or a Q-Tip though

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Bio: This is cool
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