Introduction: How To- Personalize Your Notebooks With Duct Tape!!!

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Tired of the same, old, and boring normal notebooks?? Well I'm here to teach you how to personalize your notebooks with some flair so they fit your personality!

LETS GO!!! ->

Step 1: Materials

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The materials you'll need are...

1. 2-3 rolls of duct tape (preferably one solid color and one patterned color, I think it stands out more but feel free to do what ever you want remember it's your notebooks)

2. A roll of clear tape

3. An Ex-atco knife

4. A notebook

5. A cutting mat

Step 2: Covering the Notebook

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So first your gonna want to pick out a base tape to cover the front of the note book all the way up to the spiral

Step 3: Excess Tape

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When you finished covering the front of your notebook in your choice of tape your going to want to cut off all of the excess tape

Step 4: Spicing Things Up a Bit

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Now that you have the base cover for the notebook you might think "well it's kinda plain."
Sooo to give it some POP you can design it with some strips of another kind of tape!!!


When you have your desired design set on your notebook cut off all excess tape like before

Step 5: Finishing It Off With Clear Tape

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Now to make the tape stay longer lay strips of clear tape across the cover

This makes it last longer
Keeps the notebook clean
And makes the book look nicer

Step 6: Opening Up the Holes

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Now the last thing you need to do to finish your book is to cut the holes to you can slip it in your binder

There are a couple different ways to do this as shown in the pictures above

Way #1 slit the inside of the hole in an X like way and fold over the little triangles

Way #2 cut the whole circle and poke it out

Either way it looks great!!

Step 7: DONEE!!!

And there you have it your very one personalized duct tape notebook!!!!
I really hope you guys like my D.I.Y and I plan on making more soon

Bye guys Stay Fabulous!


Snazzy_Girl_2003 (author)2014-07-23


Ayushi Sharma (author)2014-07-23

looks amazing..i voted..:)

Snazzy_Girl_2003 (author)2014-07-20

Ur last one was really detailed to!!!

Snazzy_Girl_2003 (author)2014-07-20

Haha thx Jay

Ddaannccee_is_life (author)2014-07-20

I was gonna do this;) I love how detailed the tutorial is!

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