Introduction: How to Pick a Lock

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A guide to picking a  small lock with just one tool that can be made and used within a few minutes!

Step 1: Materials Required

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You will need a small lock and a piece of thick wire. Cut the wire into a 3-5 inch strip. You can choose to bend the tip of the wire at a slight angle. You are now ready to pick the lock!

Step 2:

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Insert the wire into the key hole. If the lock opens and shuts on the left side of the top handle and rotates along the right, then push the wire pin towards the left.

Step 3:

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You are now basically prodding with the wire pin from the side where it opens, in an upward direction. Keep in mind that you have to push the handle out to unlock the key and continue push the pin at the upward-left angle.

There is special tool as seen here, which is a thicker wire with a flat tip that is used for this purpose, but the pin we have made also serves the same purpose. Note that if you intend to pick bigger locks, you will need the special tool, or perhaps even two of them.

Step 4:

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There! In one sudden motion, you will hit the right spot and the lock clicks open! For your first attempt this exercise will take a while, but soon you will be able to pick a lock within a few seconds without having to buy any material.


amirofthedesert (author)2013-08-01

next topic:how to cut your fingernails

dmegill (author)amirofthedesert2014-09-09

It's only one he probably crushed it or something

Rhetorical_Save (author)2014-06-20

how would you go about picking a common house lock or a pad lock.

BottomlessPizzaPit (author)2010-11-10

This method will only work on common warded locks. Good information, though!

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