Follow this guide to see how to plant bug eating plants!

Step 1: Open the Bag

Rip open the bag.

Step 2: Fill Container With Soil

Open the bag of soil and dump it in the pot.

Step 3: Soak Moss in Water

Open the bag of moss and soak it with water.

Step 4: Put Moss in Pot

Stick the moss in the pot.

Step 5: Put the Plant in the Pot

Take the plant and put it in the pot.

Step 6: Put Soil on Top of the Moss

Take more soil and put it on top of the moss.

Step 7: Wait

Water the plant daily and soon you will have a Venus fly trap!
I'll try :D
<p>I'd love to see a video of the plant eating a fly.....hehehe</p>
Comment what you want me to do next! I will feature your name in the next instructable!
I hope I helped!

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