Picture of How To Play 2 Against 1
What you will need:
3+ players
An area that can be marked or is diamond-shaped
4 bases
A basketball hoop
Some small, soft balls
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Step 1: Set Up the Game

Picture of Set Up the Game
Place the bases in the diamond shaped area as you would in a baseball diamond. At second base is where the basketball hoop should be placed.

Step 2: Learn the Game

Picture of Learn the Game
Two of the players are in the outfield with the balls. A "runner" will be ready at home base. He/she runs to first base, then third base, then to second base at the basketball hoop (the runner may rest at bases for a short while). While they ae running, the outfielders are throwing the balls at the runner in attempt to hit him/her. If one succeeds, they recieve the points and the runner is out and recieves no points. At second base, the runner must make a basket. He/she may bet they will make a basket. If they succeed on the bet, they will recieve an extra point. If they fail on the bet, they are out and recieve no points. Once the basket is made, they must run back in the opposite order they came (3rd, 1st, home). The outfielders are still throwing. If an outfielder hits a runner with extra points from a bet they earn the extra point. If the runner returns to home base safely, they get the points earned (1 for regular basket at second base, 2 for winning a bet).

Step 3: Play the Game!

Picture of Play the Game!
Go outside and play! Have fun!