Introduction: How to Play a Sleepover Prank

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This is a way to prank your friends at a sleepover. 

Step 1: Warn Them

Warn them. At the beginning of the sleepover get everyone to agree that tonight is prank night. First one to fall asleep gets it. Even if it's you! 

Step 2: Prank Time

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Watch a couple of movies and listen to music. If it's near 11:30 and still don't have sleepers, find a friend who doesn't fall asleep easily and tell her to help you plan something boring and relaxing. Have all of the girls lie down on the floor, or bed etc. Then start going around the circle telling secrets. If you reach someone who doesn't respond lean over carefully to check if they nodded off. If they have, it's go time. Otherwise, continue. 

Step 3: Freaky to Classic

There a couple different ones that go from freaky to plain old classic! 

Step 4: Cocoa Butter or Lotion

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While you are watching the movie and somebody else is going to sleep, go get some coca butter of lotion and put it on their under arms. 

Step 5: Maple Syrup

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This one is mean, but funny. Alert all of the girls to what you are doing, so that no one goes in the bathroom by accident. Get some maple syrup and pour it on the toilet seat. Make sure when she gets up in the morning or in the middle of the night to get her to go to that bathroom! Make sure she is only half-awake! She might yell, but you won't hear, because you'll be laughing too hard. 

Step 6: Lipstick

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Get some red lipstick and write 'Gotcha' or some other phrase across her forehead. You can also do it to your brother, but you might get in trouble with your parents. 

Step 7: Freezing a Bra

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Take your friends bra out of their bag.
Soak it in water.
Put it in the freezer.
Once it's frozen, break it in half by breaking the ice in between the cups of the bra.

Then put in there bag so when they put it on in the morning their going to get a chill!!!! Super funny!

Step 8: Shaving Foam

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Take some of your dads shaving foam from the bath room
Squirt some on their hair and give them a mustache or something like that.


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