How to Play ANY PS1 Game on Your PSP With Remote Play





Introduction: How to Play ANY PS1 Game on Your PSP With Remote Play

This is a demonstration of how to connect a PSP with a PS3 and play PS1 game discs on the PSP wirelessly via remote play. PS3 Firmware 2.1 PSP Firmware 3.80 or 3.90 Play Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy VII on the PSP. Firmware 2.11 on the PS3



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    another way to play ps1 games on the psp is with custom firmware. putting custom firmware on your device is completely legal. if you have CFW you can put legally obtained Playstation 1 games on your psp in the form of eboot files. they must be put in the folder PSP>GAME>"name of game" to work correctly.

    or just get the game off of psn trust me they have almost all of them

    I was thinking about downloading parasite eve 1 and 2 from the PlayStation store they are classics but I have never played them

    also you would need the pops plugin and to make it fully legal you must own the original game before doing it.

    I tried this and I was able to play a PS1 game on the PSP via remote play and my brother could play a game on the gamecube. we have a good tv so I can hook HDMI and RCA to it and just change via source

    interesting... what do you do for the R2/L2 buttons? PSPs dont have those...


    Just put the PS1 or 2 game disk on the play station 3 and your done! PS1 works on PS2.

    Darn! i wish i had a ps3 so i could play FFVII on my psp but id have to buy FFVII first

    Oh never mind,my dad got a file on the playstation network and so now i can download ps1 and psp games onto my psp, so i downloaded FFVII and got to the final boss and now im playin FFXIII for the 360 and when im done im gettin FFVIII

    amazing! im goin to try this as soon as im done eating my nachos.nice video.