Picture of How To Play Bakugan like a Pro.
As some people know, their was a Bakugan tournament a while back, the event was dubbed "Baku-con", I am one of the very winners of this tournament, i am the third place champion at Bakugan, I will be with you today to show how to make effective Bakugan team and to show you everything i know.

I thank you all who post on this set of instructions, may they post many more critiques and compliments.
Again thank you for honest critiques.
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Step 1: The attributes of bakugan

Picture of The attributes of bakugan
To start off this Instruct-able, you will learn about the six attributes.
The attributes stand for an element in nature. These are the attributes
Pyrus (red symbol)=fire
Darkus (black symbol)=shadows
Haos (white symbol)=Light
Ventus (green symbol)=wind
aquos (blue symbol)=water
Subterra (brown symbol)= earth
my personal favorite attribute is Haos, their ability cards aren't to shabby, the Haos Bakugan have excellent  g-power (more on this later), and they can rack up lots of  G"s (abbreviation of g-power) from their ability cards, although they aren't for beginners, their complicated and their cards have certain conditions that apply to the game.

for most beginners i suggest pyrus, pyrus is less complicated and you have a very good chance of finding a Bakugan with high g-power, they also have less complex ability cards(more on this later) and their color and detailing looks cool, theirs some cons to pyrus, pyrus is what EVERYONE uses
and usually, they have been playing with pyrus longer then you have, trust me.
i wouldn't limit yourself to pyrus, try out all of the Bakugan attributes!(if you have the money)

monsterlego3 years ago
You should add what gear, battle suits and mechtogan do.
moutcelt3 years ago
What if the bakugans neck when it moves the g-power changes cuz mine has 700 then 800 then 900 then 1000 and im not sure which one the power actually is :(
HE IS my favorite character TO!!!!!!!
i use subterra
my bakugan Has 840gs
repear9 (author) 4 years ago

they commonly have 770 g's, which is very nice, but that also depends on the attribute of the bakugan.
thank you for being the first comment!

repear9 (author) 5 years ago
Is their any Questions, Comments, flames?
~Z~ repear94 years ago
 How many gs does the tiger thing have?
~Z~4 years ago
 How many gs does the tiger thing have?