How to Play FNAF


Introduction: How to Play FNAF

Fnaf is a horror game , based of chuckie cheese at night , you play as a security guard trying to survive while the animatronics try to kill you through the night ( 12 - 6 am ) The robots names are Bonnie the bunny , Chica the chicken , Foxy the pirate fox and of course Freddy Fazzbear . At the start of the game you will give a phone call by somebody called " phone guy " , he will give you tips on how to survive at the pizzeria . Of course he dous'nt say all the things you need to suvive . Simply you only have to look at Chica and Bonnie because Freddy only comes at night 3 and Foxy at night 2 . Also you have power , Doors , lights , cameras all drain power . So be carefull . At the first night it will be easy however at night 2 Foxy will come . Foxy the fox is different than the offers , he dousnt go after you like Bonnie , when you don't look at him at the cameras for a long time he will go after you and if you look at him a lot he will go after you aswell . At night 4 " phone guy " dies . Its uncertain who kills him but most people think he got killed by golden Freddy . Wait you don't know " Golden Freddy ? " Oh yes , he is a Easter egg , you will find him in CAM b maybe . It is really rare to see him , you can see him at night 1 mostly . When he kills you it will not be a jumscare ( well yeah ) but will also crash your entire game .Also there is night 6 and 7 and there is a glitch that you can play night 8 . So this is all you need to know about how to play FNAF .



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    I love fnaf!! My favorite is foxy

    Have everyone forgot the true beginning.... With the first few animatronics?

    1 reply

    Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Ballora, & Baby?

    Seeing Golden Fred doesn't make the game crash. Seeing him kills Mike and restarts the game like normal.

    8 replies

    And Golden Freddy couldn't have killed him, since Golden Freddy is an empty suit. Unless Purple Guy got in it, but Purple Guy got killed when he got into Golden Bonnie..

    You mean springtrap, golden bonnie dosent exist

    Golden Bonnie IS Springtrap.

    Getchyo facts straight.

    yep also they are actually called spring-lock freddy and spring-lock bonnie

    no Springtrap is Purple Guy in a limbo of life and death, cus merrionett whants him to fell her pain cus he killed inisent people, so YOU GET YO FACTS STRAIGHT, I have been playing and making theories and finding and putting together all the backstories


    A golden head can stuff u in a suit,... SCREW LOGIC!!!!!!

    Laughed my head off when he said "Based off of Chuckie Cheeses".

    some spelling errors but still a great instructable