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Introduction: How to Play Hopscotch

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Hi I'm gonna teach you how to play and make a hopscotch Figure or puzzle

Step 1: What Do We Need

Stones(I pictured Disks)
Sidewalk(Not pictured

Step 2: How to Make It

So start with the chalk and make squares like the size of your foot

Step 3: Making Squares

So when you make squares like you have to make them like 1 is a single box 2 Single 3&4 Should be double 5 And 6 Single 7&8 Double sorry the picture wasn't correvct

Step 4: Writing Numbers

Write numbers as I directed in the before step

Step 5: How to Play

This part is how to play

Step 6: Starting

Throw the stone on a number square of lands out 3 times you have to give the other player a turn

Step 7: Almost Done

Then go and then don't step on the square that has the stone then when you come back then you pick up the some then you back you can't touch any lines or go out

Step 8: Done

We are done



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    I like this, but I wish your photos showed the squares and finished project more clearly. Can you use a darker chalk and maybe on concrete? Good luck!

    4 replies

    Yeah I know the sun was shining

    Can you fix them? Are you allowed to?

    Yes,I just did it thank you please vote for me

    You got it!