This is relatively easy but your PSP does need custom firmware. The type of java games are, well any but some work well and others don't. One main reason people do this is that you can run opera mini on your PSP using this.

Step 1: What Ya Will Be Usin'!

Hardware: A Psp ( custom firmware ONLY )
A PSP usb cable

Software: PSPKVM (http://www.pspkvm.com/(Click On Downloads)
Optional: Java Games (http://www.getjar.com/software/Sony-Ericsson/W850i)
Opera Mini (http://www.getjar.com/products/3334/OperaMiniWebbrowser)

Get these things before you continue...
<p>Good way, I'll try</p>
i dont haz no usb!!!!
how do you type in opera mini
Aaaah Yes,That is where the problems arise....
I have a number of dictionary applications and games that I use to use on my cell phone but I can'r figure out how to control them on the psp. Spelling is a big problem. So do you know how to do it?
i got i am writing this comnent on it now
Cool How do you type? well done for finding it out. If u really are tellin the truth
when typing in the web adress the up, down, left, right and triangle and squae are all letters and if you hold L you get more choices L and X is delete (i used this alot) then when typing in a coment or something hold L and hit circle untill you get to the engish words you mostly have to mess around untill you get it
Minecraft is made with java language can you play it
Now all I need to know is how to convert PC based java to Mobile based Jar format... Any ideas?
Yeah, ReCreate is right. A usual Java SE program doesn't share anything of the user interface with a Java ME program..&nbsp;<br /> You don't just need to recompile it, you'll need to make the interface all over in LWUIT (my favorite) or LCDUI (meh..) and then compile it..<br /> For the programming and compiling, i recommend the NetBeans full version (with the Java ME features).. but if you dont know what you're doing, its probably best to just find java me games.. =/<br /> <br /> I develop Java ME games, and even i wouldn't have all that trouble to convert a game from SE to ME.. ouch<br />
i think it's impossible. think about the screen resolution of the application. it might quite big, so the phone doesn't have ability to run the application. but probably you're able run java application on your pocket pc by windows mobile, by installing java program to your pocket pc.
You gotta Re compile it to JavaME
and it doesn't even work with head phones
Have you got PSP headphones?
no but it works i turned it off and it worked sorry for wasting your time
Good I'm glad I haven't ruined your PSP and I'm glad it works.
it says please select your device to begin download
which download?
the one from to instructable
when i tried starting it it went to a black screen then turned off and blew my speakers!
What firmware is you psp?
5.00 mm3-6 psp slim
what is the highest firmware avaliable
CFW: 5.00 M33-6
You Should Rename this Ible To "How To Play JavaME Games on a PSP!" Because the title you have can be Very Misleading,Its JavaME,Not Normal Java. JavaMe Is a Special Version of Java For Phones.
Ok I will but I don't think many people know what that means... I didn't
Ah,Well Anyone who Reads the Above comment of mine will ;)
can you make a video.
Thats to run JavaMe apps on your PSP,like the apps that you use on your phone.

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