How to Play Paper War





Introduction: How to Play Paper War

This is a game my science teacher taught me when he saw me bored after a test.

Step 1: What You Need


-pen or marker (make sure not to use a pencil)


Step 2: Folding

first fold the paper width-wise and unfold it

Step 3: Muster Your Troops...

each person draws 3 tanks and 2 soldiers wherever he/she wants

Step 4: Ready...aim...FIRE!

First make a mark on YOUR side of the paper, on your best guess of where your opponent's tanks/soldiers are. Then fold the paper along the crease you made earlier, then find the mark you made and put a mark on the first mark, the pen mark will bleed (this is good). Then proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Kills

on a soldier it must be on the torso or head shot

on a tank it can be a kill as long as it touches

Step 6: Optional

When you win a game you get a x amount of points. (you decide)

Extra Soldier: any cost you like, but make it cheap

Extra Tank; x2 the cost of the soldier

Missile Launcher:

Cost: x2 the cost of a tank

no special firing effects

Killed only by a shot on the barrel not the shield

Bomber and Bomb (quarter):

Cost: x2 the cost of the missile launcher

every 10 turns you can opt to use the bomb, to bomb trace the quarter and trace it then do the flip and re-mark thing.

it takes a hit on the cockpit, each wing, and the 2 back wing things



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    Neat game, would definitely be a good way to get through a science class! Thanks for sharing!