How to Play the Game.





Introduction: How to Play the Game.

OK, by me telling you how to play the game I immediately lose, I'll forfeit this moment of non-play and show you how to play.

In the game there are four simple rules - they are as follows:

  1. Everyone at every time at any place is playing the game.
  2. You cannot opt out of the game, you opt in to the game by learning how to play it.
  3. If you think about the game you lose the game.
  4. If you lose the game you must say aloud the following phrase; "I just lost the game!".

So, by me writing this 'ible I am thinking about the game so I have done my part and said aloud the above phrase.

This is a real game, there is a whole Wiki page dedicated to it!

So there you have it, the official rules on how to play the game :)

Step 1:



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    I lost the game. wish id thought of that. But then I would have lost. But then I did anyway.

    It is sure hard to win... :)

    wait km still going! I think I may have just won the g-....oh. I just thought about it.:(

    What if I dream about The Game? Do I loose then? Should I wake everyone up to tell them I lost The Game? Oh wait, I just lost. ;_;

    I lost the game!

    Me too...