Step 9: Second Position

Second position, as mentioned earlier, is in the key of G. It is primarily used for blues harmonica.

To play a blues scale, use this tablature:

You can also play a mixolydian scale (G A B C D E F G) and a major pentatonic scale (G A B D E G) but those aren't as nearly as common.
<p>Check out jakegrovesmusic.com for lessons and easy listening..</p>
That's all.
Hey! IDK if what I have is a harmonica, but I think it is. <br>It has 16 little holes, and 4 big ones. It's not from any of the bigger companies, so it doesn't have a key writen on it... So yeah, please help me..
Plus, there are holea that you can ony inhale or exhale trough...like the first hole. I can exhale trough it and I hear a note, but when i inhale nothing happens
Can you post a picture?
Yeah ok, it's a little bit dirty couse it's old but yeah... Also, it has a wors writen on it &quot;Neringa&quot; it's the name of a place in Lithuania. So I'm guessing it's from there.
<p>It is easy to play the Harmonica once you understand the basics.</p>
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<p>Thanks a lot of help !!</p>
<p>Great info... thanks for this 'ible. The harmonica is a very underrated instrument. </p><p>...but how can something this extensive on harmonicas be made without the the name Charlie McCoy coming up? Whether or not someone likes his style - he is an incredible master of this instrument - very possibly unparalleled. I have loved harmonicas for over 40 years and still have yet to hear someone who could manipulate a mouth organ like McCoy. Be ready to be awed if you go to you tube and type in his name. Try to find one of his fast ones like his second version of the Orange Blossom Special (the first is amazing enough). </p>
<p>If you're looking for a great harmonica app to help you learn harmonica faster try HarpNinja -&gt; http://www.harpninja.com/</p>
jessejwk, please contact me on Facebook? I have major dyslexia, and cannot understand most of the instructions. I have an awesome harmonica, that is very old, and I want to learn how to play it before Valentines Day, because I want to impress my girlfriend. Can you help me?
<p>Hey, sorry I didn't see this before Valentine's day, I don't check this account very often. If you're still interested in learning, send me a message on instructables and let me know how to get in touch with you.</p>
Do you know what number you called to get the free harmonicas?
<p>I didn't get any free harmonicas, just a case. </p><p><a href="http://leeoskar.com/contact-us.php" rel="nofollow">http://leeoskar.com/contact-us.php</a></p>
Quality stuff, thanks
<p>Hello guys!!What is the meaning of the letter H at the right end of a Hohner harmonica? does anybody know? Thanks</p>
Maybe it's the mark of a hohner harmonica
<p>You've mixed up Dorian and harmonic minor. In Dorian, (which is what you have here), the SIXTH of the scale is raised. If the seventh note was sharp, we would see a C# but instead we just get a C. In a normal minor (aolian), we would get a Bb but in this case we just end up with a B, which makes it dorian.</p>
<p>Koolio. I always thought that harmonicas were cool. Haha</p>
<p>hi all! i bought a chromatic ten hole swan harmonica and i dont know any thing about it!my question is that i can learn with ten hole harmonica or no?do you have any book or vidio for ten hole harmonica?my harmonica that i bought it is good or not?thank you for your attention.i am waiting for your answers.</p>
Is there any website where they teach harmonica and drums??
Please check out this blog with harp reviews, tabs for famous songs and list/reviews of must listen albums <br>bluesharpshack.blogspot.ae/
This is great! I just wanted to comment that I think the reason the harmonica goes to a C on 7 is because there is no sharp between B &amp; C (at least there isn't on a piano...) thanks for the lessons!
I just bought a Hohner Diactonic harmonica, and i am already hooked on it. It is so easy and fun to play. Within a day, i could already play a couple tunes.
when to mijer and saw they had harmonicas for two bucks, an i thought &quot;well, i haven't had one of these in a while&quot; so i got one, and found your instructable, and now i am hooked. you were vary clear and easy. thanks for teaching me!!!
Hi, I have been planning on buying a harmonica just to begin thanks to your instructable. it has helped me learn how they actually work! I thought people would just play random sounds and master how to play haha seems I was wrong.
Thank you for the feedback, it means a lot. Good luck!
Good instructable! I have a little 10 holes harmonica, but I could never learn to play by music, only played a few pieces by ear. Maybe your instructable makes me encourage...
Thank you! Glad to hear that it's encouraging someone.

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