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If you have ever wanted to learn how to play the piano - now you can. there are many computer programs that allow you to work independently from your home computer to learn how to play songs on the piano very easily and it is also fun for everyone..
I will continue to post and share some of my piano solos that I learned to play on the virtual piano. If you would like to hear some piano solos played on the virtual piano and for free sheet music downloads find us on facebook at onlineclassesforeveryone 
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Step 1: Your Resource

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To get started decide what type of software you would like to use for your piano lessons. There are many choices... I am not going to promote any particular program but I want to discuss that for those who have never played the piano before, you can acutally learn how to play online with applications that allow you to play a virtual piano right from your own home computer. You can connect a small digital electric piano to your computer to play your songs with use of the software interface, but If you do not have a digital keyboard you can use your computer keyboard until you are ready to invest in a digital keyboard.

Step 2: Learn The Fundamentals Of Piano Playing

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Well now that you have the virtual piano software on your computer and have connected your digital keyboard - you can get started!

Start by learning  the notes on the piano and the musical value of the notes. You will learn about whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes as well as the musical scales.  Make sure you learn this very well because this will help you to learn how to read sheet music in the future. Your virtual piano in many instances will have many creative ways to teach you the basic fundamentals to learn musical notation. Give it a try...
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I am on Google Helpouts For Live Piano Sessions and for answering questions about how to play the piano... https://helpouts.google.com/111756776005292555826/ls/8c19b7f1ce9e24f7