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Martyrs of acne! Raise your voice in joyous salute! For I shall show you in this Instructable how to pop those pimples that are holding your face hostage!

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Step 1: Pimple Poping: the Basics

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According to Wikipedia, and every other I could find, the traditional means of pimple popping can lead to infection and even scarring. To pop pimples in the medically approved way, you'll need:
  • A pin, needle, or very sharp knife
  • Hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or other antiseptic
  • toilet paper, tissue, cotton, something to blot up the pus
  • Optional: lighter or match

Start by sterilizing your tool of choice (I'd go for the pin) with the match/lighter. WARNING: keep open flames AWAY from the hydrogen peroxide.

Step 2: Pimple Popping: the Low Down

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Right, locate the offending pus blob on your face and hold your popping device flat against the skin right next to it.
Keeping it flat with the skin, slide you popper into the zit and out the other side, then withdraw keeping it flat against your skin (keeping it flat prevents you from damaging healthy tissue). IF using a blade, just nick the zit, don't cut it off completely.

Step 3: Pimple Popping: the Clean Up

Picture of Pimple Popping: the Clean Up

Take your toilet paper or other absorbent sheeting and blot up what ever foulness erupted forth from your pimple, you may apply light pressure to the area to sap out whatever is left inside. Get a clean sheet of TP and wipe the ex-zit and the surrounding area to prevent infection.
Congratulations, you have just popped a pimple.
To prevent pimples from appearing in the first place, wash your face regularly, as in at least once a day, with an exfoliating or anti zit soap.
I hope you have found this Instructable helpful, and remember, a zit free face comes with responsibilities, you gotta keep it clean and, watch out for the opposite sex will simply gravitate to your obstruction free face : )

Live Long and Prosper,


woodwork (author)2011-05-23

1) Eat yeast. tablets .

2) Wash your face with clean hot water NO soap ,then put Honey on you face like face pack .
After 15 min wash off with clean hot water

3) Massage face with clean dry towel .Getting rid of blackheads and stimulating blood cerculation .

Avoide creams that will block face pores

flick (author)2011-01-17

DO NOT sterilize the needle by heating it.

You'll tattoo a nice little black spot in your face with the soot.

Use alcohol or Betadine to sterilize the needle.

Kchloe17 (author)flick2011-05-07

No it doesnt give a black mark once you put it with clean water

CaptianC3 (author)2010-11-30

Ya Cool Hat

KentsOkay (author)CaptianC32010-11-30

Thanks :D

Screamo (author)2010-09-27

Cool hat :D

beehard44 (author)2010-09-23

you shouldn't pop a pimple. It will attract infection and besides, there is cheap working medication out there.
P.S. i learned it the hard way

mash4077 (author)2009-04-29

please don't do this you could get nerve damage and scars

The Jamalam (author)mash40772010-08-22

Nerve damage? No more than being poked with a spike on a plant. Stabbing won't do much harm, it's slashing and cutting that will. As for scars, don't stab, just gently prick and you'll be fine.

acidbass (author)2009-04-05

Why are your bathroom walls pink????

KentsOkay (author)acidbass2009-04-05

They have been repainted, they are yellow now...

acidbass (author)KentsOkay2009-04-07

eewww yellow bathroom like some one peed all over the place

SlothSpace (author)acidbass2010-06-14

HA! when i read your comment i actually LOL'D

acidbass (author)SlothSpace2010-06-28

thanks it is good to hear that someone can have a good laugh about something i said

zombiehunter96 (author)acidbass2010-04-25

I think it looks better than brown walls XD

acidbass (author)zombiehunter962010-04-25

 true but mine are like brownish

watermelonhead (author)2010-02-23

This is a bad idea! It'll leave a scar and may make it worse. But hey, do whatever you want

Steamdnt (author)2009-12-17
I can vouch for this, Got rid of a pesky one underneath my right nostril, Used a small sterile scalpel. most puss I have ever seen!
Colonel88 (author)2009-12-02

This 'ill leave you a scar.

mannetti21 (author)2009-05-28

Have to wipe the flamed needle with an alcohol wipe, use at least 70% isopropyl and you're good to go

StarryWaltz (author)2009-05-27

Would try this, but most the time I get the spots that are under the skin, so I'd actually have to stab myself in the face, not good... Nice little instructable though, will have to keep my eye out for any pimples to see if it works better then just a good old squeeze!

acidbass (author)StarryWaltz2009-05-27

it gave me pockmarks dont try it

acidbass (author)2009-01-05

why not use some anti acne cream

StarryWaltz (author)acidbass2009-05-27

Are you just going all out to try and insult the author? You really need to find something better to do with your time...

KentsOkay (author)acidbass2009-01-05


Tenma- (author)KentsOkay2009-04-05

lol wut

acidbass (author)KentsOkay2009-04-05

what dork stamp you have something against not painful stuff

KentsOkay (author)acidbass2009-04-05

Lancing isn't painful.

CrispFlows (author)2009-05-10

I've done this technique for years. No scars. Don't put the needle in deep, you only need to create an escape channel for the infected pus to escape. You avoid scarring by doing a prick, not a stab like some here seems to suggest. The key here is an gentle prick and gentle pressure. No aggresive actions. After the lancing and draining is done, apply the anti-bacterial creme.

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-03-30

I just vomited in my mouth! Great Job!

acidbass (author)LinuxH4x0r2009-04-07


KentsOkay (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-03-30

Ummm... That wasn't quite the reaction I intended but hey, thanks!

jara (author)2008-04-16

I don't know if this is against each and every advice your dermatologists ever gave you, but what i use is injection needles. They are VERY sharp and hollow, allowing smallest possible area to be disturbed while reaching even those "double-deckers", where you just know after apparently getting all the puss out there is still more on its way to the surface. Oh, and also those that have a huge red area and evil pressure for a week and then go like "nah" and try to dwindle away only to cause problems later by creating a solid marble somewhere deep and unexpected. No scarring for me, at least. Oh, and something that proved useful at my grandmothers before my toilet-bag started containing the proper remedies (used even after that because of the high success ratio): finely cut plantago leaves (almost any variety) put under a band-aid on top of the pimple for a couple of hours or overnight works small miracles almost every time.

KentsOkay (author)jara2008-04-16

I was using a sewing pin...

jara (author)KentsOkay2008-04-18

Uh, use of sewing needles/pins/safety pins does sound like a sure fire way to get scars.. If you want to combine pain and skincare for some reason, that's the ticket. Otherwise get an injection needle. They are difficult to get in some places as the first assumption is your next stop will be a wild drug user party with rampant unclean-needle-exchanging, but if your pharmacist has the legal right not to sell them, get a prescription from your doctor. It's worth it. (Or next time you need to let a nurse stick a needle in you ask to have it and if needed describe the most disgusting pimple you've ever had, look forlorn and tell her you get them all the time.)

KentsOkay (author)jara2008-04-18

What if I'm broke and don't feel like getting a prescription>?

jara (author)KentsOkay2008-04-21

Donate blood and ask to have the needle - and behold: You have either 20$ or a snack/meal AND an injection needle. Injection needles are usually cheap, though, so that shouldn't be too big of a problem either.

KentsOkay (author)jara2008-04-21

They won't let me donate blood : gotta be 18...

acidbass (author)KentsOkay2009-04-05

not really u can donate to a children hospital

KentsOkay (author)acidbass2009-04-05

oh really? I should do that then...

acidbass (author)KentsOkay2009-04-07

maybe but i would just order them online

jara (author)KentsOkay2008-04-21

Damn, you are a challenge, aren't you? Wee-el, there are such things as puncture needles, although I'm not sure what the medical name for them is. They do not help your average drug-user, so they are sold freely and since they are designed for pustule-breaking, they should do very nicely for that particular purpose. Personally I feel the tip is too short, but it could be just me.

Prometheus (author)jara2008-04-25

They are called "hypodermic needles", not "injection needles" btw, and again it is not advised to use these, or any other tool, to relieve a pustule. If you can't relieve it with moderate pressure, it's not going to "pop" for you. If you use a needle and pierce a new area of flesh, you can not only worsen the infection (by feeding it), but you can create a much more heinous scar in the end than the pimple would have, due to an abcess being created.

jara (author)Prometheus2008-04-27

Thank you for the correction. I am sorry for not using the proper terminology :( I still have very poor vocabulary especially in all things medical, since this is not my language. I agree that needles are not necessarily helpful and might worsen the problem. I, however, have used them succesfully when I get large pimples in a sensitive area, for example nape of my neck. The pressure inside the pustule is a constant irritant and often makes even sleeping very difficult. Then, when there is a head of sorts visible already, but the damn thing shows no signs of popping itself, I happily use the pin. My main point was that hypodermic needles are way better than sewing needles. If you are going to use a needle, you might as well choose one that does the least amount of damage.

jongscx (author)2008-04-10

Just don't eat so much chocolate and oily foods and you won't get them in the first place... That, or eat lots of bananas. Ever see a monkey with pimples?

acidbass (author)jongscx2009-04-05

pimpily monkeys!!!!!!!!!! man!!!!!!!!

whitish (author)jongscx2008-04-10

yes... (your mom!!! ROLF!!!!!! (JK.))

jongscx (author)jongscx2008-04-10

[I'm kidding by the way...]

KentsOkay (author)jongscx2008-04-10


crimson sausage (author)2008-08-30

My non-pimple equation is quite simple, I wash my face every day with a cleanser that has 5% salicylic acid, shave with a shaving cream that has 10% benzine peroxide, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. Plus I'm 60% Swedish, hooray for acne-free genes!!!

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