Picture of How to Pop a Pimple
Martyrs of acne! Raise your voice in joyous salute! For I shall show you in this Instructable how to pop those pimples that are holding your face hostage!

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Step 1: Pimple Poping: The basics

Picture of Pimple Poping: The basics
According to Wikipedia, and every other I could find, the traditional means of pimple popping can lead to infection and even scarring. To pop pimples in the medically approved way, you'll need:
  • A pin, needle, or very sharp knife
  • Hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or other antiseptic
  • toilet paper, tissue, cotton, something to blot up the pus
  • Optional: lighter or match

Start by sterilizing your tool of choice (I'd go for the pin) with the match/lighter. WARNING: keep open flames AWAY from the hydrogen peroxide.

Step 2: Pimple Popping: The low down

Picture of Pimple Popping: The low down
Right, locate the offending pus blob on your face and hold your popping device flat against the skin right next to it.
Keeping it flat with the skin, slide you popper into the zit and out the other side, then withdraw keeping it flat against your skin (keeping it flat prevents you from damaging healthy tissue). IF using a blade, just nick the zit, don't cut it off completely.

Step 3: Pimple Popping: The clean up

Picture of Pimple Popping: The clean up
Take your toilet paper or other absorbent sheeting and blot up what ever foulness erupted forth from your pimple, you may apply light pressure to the area to sap out whatever is left inside. Get a clean sheet of TP and wipe the ex-zit and the surrounding area to prevent infection.
Congratulations, you have just popped a pimple.
To prevent pimples from appearing in the first place, wash your face regularly, as in at least once a day, with an exfoliating or anti zit soap.
I hope you have found this Instructable helpful, and remember, a zit free face comes with responsibilities, you gotta keep it clean and, watch out for the opposite sex will simply gravitate to your obstruction free face : )

Live Long and Prosper,
woodwork4 years ago
1) Eat yeast. tablets .

2) Wash your face with clean hot water NO soap ,then put Honey on you face like face pack .
After 15 min wash off with clean hot water

3) Massage face with clean dry towel .Getting rid of blackheads and stimulating blood cerculation .

Avoide creams that will block face pores