How to Post Pictures in the Comments


Introduction: How to Post Pictures in the Comments

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I know this is not the type of Instructables I usually post, but I need to mix it up. If you didn't know how to post pictures in the comments of Instructables, now you can know!

Step 1: Find an Instructables

Find an Instructables you want to post a picture in the comments on (preferably mine). And press on the button that says "Comments".

Step 2: Magic

In the comments, press on the icon of a camera. It will say "Choose Photo" or "Take Photo".

Step 3: Done!

You can post anything now! Well maybe not anything... Anyways, enjoy and post pictures!



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    I find this slightly ironic

    2014 19:10.jpg

    No I didn't draw it.

    Dkrall, yes only with IPhone and IPods

    there is no camera icon here. does it only work with iPhone?

    1 reply

    Yes it only works with ipods and iphones.

    Funny cow

    13, 5:02 PM.jpg


    13 2:27 PM.jpg