How to Print a Large Image on A4 Paper





Introduction: How to Print a Large Image on A4 Paper

There are many a times where i wanted to print large images...but i had only A4 size paper.
I was wondering how to go about it as my daughter needed a large image for a project...and this instructable was born.

Step 1: Chose Your Software

I chose Paint.Net to adjust my picture.
The image i chose was i opened it in Paint.Net and re-sized it to the size i wanted.
Then i selected the rectangle tool and selected slightly more than half of the picture and copied it.
I then opened a new and a canvas the size of the selection appeared. Paste in that canvas and save..
repeat the same process 3 more times and save the images...then print and join the images!
That is it! hope this instructable helps you.
I hope i can put up my daughters project as soon as it finishes.
thanks for reading



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    I like Paint.NET, but there is a better way.

    Poster Printer - simple program to print large posters of few sheets of A4

    its my, example:


    Hi. Interesting approach. Another method is to set your paper size (and create a corresponding document) at a large size, such as tabloid. Set your printer to "tile" and the document should print itself out in multiple pages on the size paper you are actually using.

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    Thanks! will try it :-)