Picture of How To Properly Shotgun A Beer
First of all, this is only for individuals who are 21 years of age or older. Shotgunning is a fun way to begin a party or tailgate with your friends. It's an easy way to get everyone involved. I advise to not perform this act too many times during the festivities so you will be able to enjoy yourself. Don't drink and drive.
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Step 1: Grab A Beer

The first step is to grab a beer of your choice. Make sure the beer is in an aluminum can.

Step 2: Using The Right Tools

Picture of Using The Right Tools
The next step is obtaining an object that will be used to puncture the whole in the can. There are multiple options, but I believe keys are the safest and easiest to obtain. Most people already have keys in their pockets which also makes it easier

Step 3: Puncturing The Can

Picture of Puncturing The Can
Place the beer in your hand. Have the push tab facing you and facing down. Also, tilt the beer slightly so the part of the can facing you is downward. (Look at the image for this step for an example). Having the beer at this angle will cause an air bubble at the bottom of the can (or the opposite side of the push tab). With your thumb press down on the can to make sure you find the bubble. Take your key and push down on that spot. Add more pressure until the beer can is punctured.

Step 4: Maintenance

Picture of Maintenance
Once the can has been punctured there is some maintenance needed. Place your key in the punctured whole. Start making a circle motion so the whole will get larger. I usually like to keep the whole at the size of a quarter. Make sure the edges of the whole are bent inward so you do not cut your yourself.
johnnyk131 year ago
The key is to actually use beer rather than fermented water.

As a Spartan, I've have to say I'm glad to see Ware has healed.
when you shotgun a beer you don't get to enjoy the full rich flavor of busch light.
kodyjk031 year ago
If you Crack the tab,(not open just enough to let the pressure out) it won't spray when you puncture with the keys.