Introduction: How to Properly Throw Curve Ball

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In this instructable we are going to inform and provide the proper instructions for properly throwing a curveball. We created this project completely unique and with true baseball techniques to accurately show and teach our audience how to throw a curveball. We also created this project so that up coming pitchers could learn a new pitch to add to their arsenal.

Step 1: Grip:

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When throwing the curve ball you must apply the proper grip. It can be gripped in many ways but make sure to apply most of the pressure to the index finger in the places as shown.

Step 2: Warming Up:

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Warming up is always key to learning how to throw a new throw type. Start at a short distance and slowly back up every ten to fifteen throws or so. Start your warm up throws by throwing at a distance of twenty feet.

Step 3: Incorporating Longer Technique Throws:

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When you are comfortable at twenty feet back it up to sixty feet and slowly start to incorporate the curve ball action now that you are comfortable with the grip. When throwing this pitch it is key to snap the wrist at your release point and pull into your belt area to get the curve action.

Step 4: Wrong Foot Curves:

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Once you are comfortable with the longer incorporating tosses, bring it back in to twenty feet and complete ten to fifteen "wrong foot curves". These throws are when you throw your curve ball off of your opposite foot, while standing in one place and really working on pulling down into your belt at the release point.

Step 5: Finishing and Polishing:

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After completing your wrong foot throws, slowly start backing up and go all the way to forty feet. This is when you really get the wrist snap, and belt pull action incorporated into your throw. Also you will start quickly seeing the breaking action that will slowly increase and become more defined. If the curveball is not breaking as much as you want it to go back to the wrong foot throws and work on the wrist snap more. Slowly increase the speeds of the pitch when you are satisfied with the break and placement of the curveball. Like with all new things just keep practicing to increase accuracy and speed and you will have an awesome breaking curveball.


1LoganAdams1 (author)2015-11-17

I disagree with the pressure applied on the index finger. It just makes it loopy.

craftclarity (author)2014-05-30

Nicely done. I can't imagine there are a lot of pitchers out there who would share their secrets like this. Thanks!

Forn Man (author)2014-05-19

Sign me up, coach! This is awesome. My ten year old nephew will never hit my pitches now. JF

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