How to Publish an Instructible From Your Ipod/iphone


Introduction: How to Publish an Instructible From Your Ipod/iphone

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So u are somewhere with no computer and u want to publish an instructable.

Step 1: How to Start

Well first of u need to name ur instructable and find the catagory it is in.

Step 2: Steps.

Now u need to add steps on how to make it but u need to have some pictures already for action.

Step 3: Publish

Now all u need to do is press publish and make sure all of the stuff is filled out and if u like it. Then just scroll down to where u find publish and there u have it!!!!!



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    4 years ago

    I know that mostly everyone with a portable device can figure out how to publish an instructable but i published this one because i was bored

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    Thanks. I have a desktop pc but eschew i-XXXX devices.