Step 6: Wait 30 Minutes, Then Enjoy!

Picture of Wait 30 Minutes, Then Enjoy!
The iodine needs time to completely purify the water. You need to wait 30 minutes before you can drink the water--plenty of time to finalize that idea for an Instructable.

After you have waited 30 minutes, your water is purified for drinking. Revel in the cool, clean taste of your iodine-infused water while you enjoy your wilderness adventure.
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devans261 year ago
Is there a difference between iodine for first aid and iodine for water purification? I'm just having a hard time finding the right product. I'm not seeing iodine tincture that specifically mentions water purification. I imagine this stuff is what I'm looking for®-Lugols-Solution-Iodine-2%25/dp/B001AEFM9Y/ref=sr_sp-atf_image_1_3?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1385350606&sr=1-3&keywords=iodine+tincture+2%25

But I'm just not certain. And I'd rather be certain.
To get rid of the bad taste, use 1/2 tablet of vitamin C after the iodine purification time is done. You will be amazed how it makes the water taste MUCH better. I spent 5 weeks in Nepal and used iodine and vitamin C the entire time. Works like a charm. Cheers. Doug
I carry iodine but typically use a Ghillie Kettle and boil the water. I have two sizes, the 1.5 liter and the 1 liter kettles. It gets the water boiling very quickly, 5-7 minutes usually and the best part is that you don't need bottled fuel. Twigs, shavings, pine needles, whatever is handy. When heading out I fill the kettle (cooking part, not water part) with tinder and some fire starters, put the components back together and back into the carry bag and I am good to go and don't have to sweat it if the weather turns rainy. I have my tinder right there. I also save dryer lint and mix 50/50 with beeswax in egg cartons for really good starters.

Time? 1 minute rolling boil under 2000m elevation and 3 minutes above that is the EPA recommendation to purify and be sure to filter the bigger stuff out before boiling.

And since the fuel is free, when you are in camp you can purify water to your heart's content, refill all the containers, and be cooking at the same time.

AndyDap4 years ago
Hi guys, done this lots of times, it works very well. Liver still working great. Didn't plough through every single comment but, in case no one else has mentioned it, take a normal, standard, vitamin c tablet with you. After the iodine has done its work, drop in one tablet. The iodine taste disappears completely and the water tastes great. I've even used half a tablet and found it works well. Gets rid of scurvy too.
tedsan4 years ago
tincture is poisonous, Lugols solution is not. Use Lugols. All of the other halogens, flourine, chlorine, and bromine are also poisonous and replace iodine (which is a necessary nutrient) in the body.
seamaas5 years ago
isn't tincture of iodine poisonous?
Heruhi5 years ago
or you just take a t-shirt, and a pot and filter  the water thru into the buket and boil the water and voila! clean water!
chicken02076 years ago
I'm wondering could you help me adjust how much iodine to use with a half litter bottle as opposed to a litter bottle.
seapopcorn6 years ago
Thank you I find this quite useful. Have always wondered how to purify water.
ajmontag7 years ago
i like to keep my water cool by putting the bottle back in the cool spring, by either proping it up on rocks, or tying the bottle up and securing the other end to get the stream water to chill the bottle.
Also an easy way to cool water down inside a bottle, is to surround the bottle with cloth (a sock) and wet the cloth, this reduces the temperature of the water considerably! I learned this tip in the desert, where the average temperature was around 130° F.