Introduction: How to Put a New ''Chain'' on a Finger - Bike

Picture of How to Put a New ''Chain'' on a Finger - Bike

what you need
-finger bike
-small rubber band (or old finger bike chain thingie)
-2 tech deck tools
-nimble fingres

what you dont need
-the worlds largest pie

Step 1: Un-screw the Cranks

Picture of Un-screw the Cranks

put both tech deck tools on the cranks and turn in opposite directions.

Step 2: Take Rear Wheel Off

Picture of Take Rear Wheel Off

pretty much the same thing as unscrewing the cranks.

Step 3: Pull Apart the Frame...

Picture of Pull Apart the Frame...


and just a little, don't bend it

now slip on the rubber band and put it on the bottom bracket and the

Step 4: Put It Back Together

Picture of Put It Back Together

yep your almost done !

Step 5: Put It Back Into Your Mini Shop and Your Done

Picture of Put It Back Into Your Mini Shop and Your Done

: )

hope this helped!


Jakic007 (author)2010-01-24

where I can buy finger bike online to Croatia???
Please send me a link.

nikola brenesel (author)Jakic0072015-12-25

flick trix | eBay

This is the link : )

buildingstuffisfun (author)2010-01-21

i didnt see it that way


i changed it to ''the worlds largest pie''

 Thank you.

lemonie (author)2010-01-20

This is about replacing an elastic-band?
Not knowing these things too well, doesn't the elasticity of the "chain" cause operational problems / differences to a real bike? I was expecting a non-elastic mod


Doctor What (author)lemonie2010-01-20

 I think it is more of a cheap replacement if you don't have one readily available. 

I used to play with these things when I was little (mainly the skateboard ones, but I had bikes too), and it doesn't really matter what you use.  It's pretty much just for appearance's sake.

To be honest, you could just leave it off.

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