As a big fan of The Office, I wanted to take the classic Stapler-In-Jello prank and re-create it for April Fools Day. Not only is this prank easy and cheap, but you're bound to get some bonus laughs from other people who follow this show.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Here at the Lab we have access to a full kitchen, so I was able to easily execute this prank on-site. If your office doesn't have a stove (or another way to heat up water) and a refrigerator, it might be best to make the jello at home and bring it in.

You will need:
  • Lots of Jello. I'm talking at least a dozen boxes; I ended up using 16. Trust me. After 4 attempts at this (for you, folks) I can say that you will need an absurd amount of Jello. We're up-ing the density here, so keep in mind that depending on the flavor you choose it might come out a bit opaque. Feel free to experiment by mixing in some "clear" Knox gelatin, or playing around with food coloring.
  • Bowl, tupperware, bunt cake pan, etc. to put the Jello in - Make sure it's deep enough for your object.
  • Stapler, or whatever other object you want to suspend
Note: as is true with all pranks, try and skirt that line between funny and mean. Don't put anything in the Jello that could be damaged, or that the recipient would be seriously upset about. This includes electronics, important papers, sentimental items...you get the idea.

There are 2 approaches to suspending your object in the center of the Jello. First, you can fill your mold up halfway, allow that Jello to cool, place in your object, and then cover with another round of Jello to cool again. This method takes time, and an amount of patience that I don't have.

I opted for the 1-Jello-step process, and created a kind of hammock for my stapler, so I only needed to make the Jello once. For this method, you should also have:
  • Duct tape (lots)
  • Waxed floss
<p>I plan to do it all, Stapler pen holder and more + airhorn on chair!</p>
<p>I love when Jim puts Dwight calculator in jello so funny I tried to prank me teacher by putting her charger in jello it didn't work</p>
<p>But why would you want to do this?</p>
<p>Come on Dwight, it's just a joke! xD</p>
<p>But it's not that funny...</p><p>Pranks are supposed to be funny</p>
The British Office was awful. All it consisted of was awkward silences and the sound of Gareth being bullied by everyone.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Welcome back, Karen! :-)
This prank was originally done by Tim to Gareth in the original The Office. Would be great if people watched that too and appreciated the originators of that humour.
i would make a smaller black jelly , stapler shaped once solid put it in the clear jelly so you can eat the whole lot
Wipe the inside of the bowl with vegetable oil, or give it a shot of cooking spray before adding the Jello to make it easier to unmold.
I have plans for this
Now you're making me wonder what I can put in my <a href="http://www.diypics.com/how-make-fake-breast-augmentation/" rel="nofollow">gelatin-based fake boobs</a>. Sheesh.&nbsp;
Thanks for the laugh!
Couldn't you just first freeze like an inch of jell-o at the bottom, then place the stapler on that, and fill the rest?
ok ok ok. i would normally say &quot;first&quot; on this page since, of course, i would be first, but that would not be nearlly as fun as planning to put my sisters car keys in jello.
Some kids at my school did this to a teacher. :D He was cool about it.
Best way to end the year in middle school. Ended up taking the stapler home. XD
Where is the cheese?I mean, seriosly.TThish should hav had cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!1111111
hahahah i love the office me and my sister are tottaly gunna do this
nice =)
LOL i think i&acute;m going to this for halloween green pudding with a arm inside!!! &gt;D
HAHA i did this to my sister on april fools day. it was hilarious, especially because instead of a stapler i used her toothpaste tube!(:
That was funny! Too bad my sister lives far away...... Though one time I did wall her in her room at night by weaving newspapers in front of her door....
Wow! How do you do <em>that?</em><br> &nbsp;Win Guy
Take the newspaper sections and flatten them. <br>Tape sections together to make longer sections. <br>Tape verticals first to top and bottom of door frame. <br>Weave horizontals starting at bottom. <br>Tape horizontals to left and right door frame. <br> <br>Wake her up by pouding on the wall and calling her name. <br>RUN RUN RUN!!!!
Awesome! Thank you!
My brother's coworkers took his coffee cup and the letters from his office keyboard that spell his name and put them in an ENTIRE tote of jello. 44 pounds of jello. I saw the pics it was GREAT.
If someone did this to me, i would probably still eat the Jello, to liberate me stapler, and cause jello's yummy.
i agree i LOVE JELLO
be carefull with your tongue unless you want a piercing hahaha
Mom cast a naked barbie doll in a shoebox sized tank of jello. She brought it to an acid party (1968) and everybody thought it was weird. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I love you, Mom!
Great one! cant wait to play it on my boss...
well you can kiss your job goodbye :P
I once took a fetal pig in lime jello to a potluck. Really.
I did this for an April Fool's Day prank for one of my co-workers, substituting a Leatherman for the stapler (Pearl Jam's &quot;Better Man&quot;--&quot;Can't find my Leatherman&quot; provided the theme music for the unveiling). As my birthday is April Fool's Day, a good prank is de rigueur. I used the recommended 12 boxes of lime jello. I think 6 may have sufficed. The drawback to flavored jello versus gelatin is the more you use, the more opaque the jello becomes. Perhaps lime wasn't the best choice.
Jello has so many possibilities. A friend once ate a whole batch of lime Jello with sardines in it on a bet.
nice I love the office as you can probly see by my picture!!! =D
Things in jello is cool. I saw &quot;dead babydoll in blue jello&quot; done in a 10 gallon aquarium years ago. That was awesome. Same place had chicken on a rope. A good prank might be adding Knox to the coffee carafe, or filling it with pudding maybe? Hmm.. where else can I put pudding?
I did the &quot;pudding&quot; prank one time and used chocolate pudding in the bathroom stall. Don't get any in the water as it will give it away. I also used that stink in a bottle; one little squirt did the trick.<br>I started with a trail going into the stall giving anyone who came in and saw it a foreboding mindset.<br>Thing is don't go crazy when doing it and put allot of it all over; then it isn't funny.<br>After a while the office figured out what it really was - pudding.<br>They called the custodian and told them what happened. You could hear the guy start to swear when they opened the bathroom door and saw what was there waiting for them.<br>The office started laughing and I am sure coffee went out a few noses on that one. They did never figure out who did it.<br>Of course after a while the phantom joker struck again. Using the paper from a toilet paper roll un roll it; shred it in water, let sit for a while then grab a handful and squeeze it and put it on the seat. Looks like a turd...
I feel this is a quite dangerous prank : someone may hurt himself when his teeth catch on the stapler ! &hellip; <br>Of course, unless you put a &quot;warning&quot; sign embed with the stapler.<br><br>Why not ?&hellip;
i love the office thanks this is hilarious
But what if the prankee is on a staple diet???
I like the Studio LCD display in the past pic of step 5
Great job gotta love the office
Ahahaha!! That was glorious! Thank you.
Jell-O inside a bell will frustrate the bell ringer!
Works great for keys as well.
Great instructable and The Office links. Thanks
Pudding......I'm trying to think of another desert joke.....
Said by Mr. Scott of The Office. I love that show...

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