Hello! this instructable is about putting almost any app on your USB drive!


Pivot stickfigure animator


Google chrome

Super tux

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Step 3: Install your portable app

Picture of Install your portable app
If you get the app from portable apps then browse to where it installed and you will see a setup file with the name of the app and the extension .paf.exe , click on it and it will lead you through the installation.

If you get the app from pen drive apps you will see a compressed folder, simply extract it into the root of the drive.

Step 4: Install a non-portable app

Install your non-portable app as you would normally, but instead of installing it to the C:\ drive install it to your flash drive (not all non-portable apps will let you do this).

Step 5: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Enjoy taking your favorite apps anywhere!