Introduction: How to "Quick Load" an App

Here's the thing. This doesn't usually work, so don't get your hopes up. Still refreshes and speeds up the app. I am using Xbox smartglass as an example

Step 1: Special Wiggle Mode

Have the app you want on the third screen. Put your apps I to to special wiggle mode.( See "How to restart your device without using the power button" .

Step 2: Press the Home Button

Now hit the home button. Pretty simple.

Step 3: Darken App

Now swipe back to the third screen. The app you touched to go into special wiggle mode should have a dark tint to it *see picture*

Step 4: Open App

When you open the app, it should be "quick loaded" or refreshed!


zkerzner (author)2013-08-30

Make your own. It's $0.99

funnyfun342 (author)2013-08-13

what type of wallpaper is that

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