How to Quit Smoking





Introduction: How to Quit Smoking

Funny, dose it work ? not really, but it's a video showing that it's just a lil program like these that can make u quit, more than a placebo, if you set something to be your ' im not smoking because im doing this, it will work !"



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    I dont really get how this works- is it so disgusting that you don't want to want a smoke? Or is it supposed to satisfy your craving? Or what?


    The best way to quit is to never start in the first place.

    This is just a smart kid being idiotic. We all go through this phase. However I think this isn't cool because smoking causes so much pain and suffering. You can actually quit.

    If you want to quit, just know that first of all, it is possible. Second, you will not want cigarettes for the rest of your life. You do not have to live being unhappy. The fear of a life of wanting a smoke kept me from quitting for a long time, but although I have quit for some time now, and sometimes get urges, they are momentary!

    My method was to use the patch for one week only. Not the strongest patch, the mid-level one. This gets you used to not smoking every day but you still have to endure some withdrawal. You're going to be irritable and you're going to do a little craving, but you will be over the habit of reaching for one every time you think about it. Also, since you've been using the mid level patch and not the strong one, you'll have reduced your daily dose to some degree.

    Having to endure some withdrawal gives you a reason not to start again. It shows you how addicted you were, and it's a good incentive not to have to ever go through that again.

    Good luck!

    my wife started smoking after she had cancer and passed through thats a bit too much hardcore for me i dont get it

    my dad used to do it A LOT but he quit but he does it rarely now, like when we have parties and stuff. like today! haha