Large: opinionated, energetic, likes to work, exerts self-control.

Bent towards palm: indifferent and tending to be mean.

Bent outwards: open-natured, generous.

Bent out and backwards: "killer's thumb", can be brutal.

<p>i don't have lines 4 and 5</p>
Two questions: Does it matter which hand? 'Cause I'm left-handed and you don't see left handed People nowadays. And where did you get this from? It's Extraordinary! 5*'s and Subscription...
You didn't mention anything about hairy palms which is just as valid an indicator as lines etc.<br />
This shows what the lines/areas are and what they represent, but not how to *read* them.. what do different characteristics on my lifeline mean? which side is the start? O.o<br />
Sure!&nbsp; You want to always read your dominant hand.&nbsp; You will find if you place your hands side by side that the lines are usually similiar if not exactly the same but they can be higher or lower on one hand from another.<br /> <br /> You want to read your dominant hand because it is the &quot;chosen&quot; hand.&nbsp; If you are ambidextrous choose the hand that you tend to favor more often.<br /> <br /> There are several techniques that exist but the most common is to read from left to right.&nbsp; The placement of lines on your palm may fall into several regions of the hand and you want to identify where the line on the left-hand side starts and move into the right-hand side for completion (so it starts in region 1 and ends in region 2 for example).&nbsp; Some lines stay within a region.<br /> <br /> My suggestion when starting out is to trace your hand on a piece of paper and then use that as&nbsp;a notepad to write out what you are reading as you go.
I've always wanted to know what my palm reads...<br /> <br /> thanks&nbsp;

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