Step 9: Reading Seven-Rune Layout

Runes first & second: Shows the problem

Runes third & fourth: Past influences that contribute to the present situation

Runes fifth & sixth: Shows you the guidance the runes are giving you

Runes seventh: Possible outcome; if this rune is positive & all the previous runes are positive this will be a positive result, if the rune is negative & all the previous runes are negative this will be a negative result.

<p>can anyone out there help?</p><p>I recently inherited a gold ring, and it is stamped with 4 symbols which according to your chart on this website mean</p><p>Marriage,home,joy,fertility.</p><p>These symbols are repeated 3 times around the ring. The person that left me the ring found it many years ago buried in the earth. Could anyone explain if the symbols in that order have a special meaning ? Many thanks</p>
<p>tkx for this..........VERY helpful</p>
Thanks for the great post
<p>Hi! This is a very helpful post. I have been into Tarot card reading for a very long time but i'm not very good at runes. I have often encountered psychics who used runes like when I had a reading with Oranium (my review here http://www.signalriver.com/oranum-review/ ). I think it's kinda similar to tarot card reading but sometimes more organic due to casting the stones randomly gives it a spiritual power.</p>
<p>Fascinating subject as well as all the various viewpoints and opinions. I have been a paranormal investigator for decades, before all the pop crap in the media. &quot;Paranormal&quot; actually means anything that cannot be readily understood or explained with the existing knowledge base. It's not limited to any theology, science or culture. If you can't explain it, then it is para-normal. the prefix &quot;para&quot; on words actually means &quot;beside&quot; or &quot;outside&quot; of whatever. Like paramedic or paramilitary. </p><p>Anyway, I have witnessed and experienced many things I cannot explain. Runes and arcane symbols often appear in connection with other paranormal events. Does anyone here know about Carl Jung's Synchronicity theory. I think this perhaps applies here. I have helped clients using such things as saging. Then I read an article recently in the British medical journal where research has found depending on what you are burning saging actually has real medical benefits. So, I am open to the idea that runes could possibly possess some &quot;magic&quot; for lack of a better word. I really should learn to use runes.</p>
<p>*Thank you. Ive hand written all of this in my book of shadows and have even made my own runes. Ive done a couple readings for some facebook friends and they say its super accurate as well as me. I use a very slighly different rune alphebet but this WORKS! I definatly reccommend. work! I de</p>
I've found rune casting and tarot a good way to look inward myself quite useful if used that way even if you don't belive in there metaphysical aspect <br />
<p>have you read anything by carl jung? also i find ludwig wittgenstein's concept of &quot;language games&quot; to be quite useful when trying to get my head around spiritual ideas. </p>
<p>I have to admit, I always thought runes were intricate, I don't believe in the paranormal, but I believe in god, and it is always strange to me to this part of life.</p>
<p>Technically, you can't believe in any god without believing in the paranormal, as a paranormal thing is simply something that lies beyond normal experience and scientific explanation, which a god certainly is. </p>
<p>I believe in God (I'm Christian actually) and it makes PERFECT sense to recognize the mysteries of the metaphysical. After all, it is written that &quot;the secret things belong to the most High God&quot; and that &quot;all the things hidden in the past will be made known to light in Christ, according to His good will, for the purpose of unification&quot; Ephesians 1:9 me translation I didn't get into Tarot and Astrology until AFTER I became a Christian, and I see that everything connects--even that of other religions as well. The Bible, Qu'ran, Torah...all are, despite the scorning of detractors, arcane knowledge. And we're meant to know such in the Age of Aquarius to bring us under the umbrella of the One God. Unification</p>
<p>Even Hinduism and yoga, truthfully, as well. I practice the latter.</p>
I have a question, I have been using runestones for a while now, yet when a lot of things happened in my life I had to stop for a few months. Now the runestones are changing colour, they are tearing from within and are becoming white. I also noticed a few red stains appearing within aswell. They are shrinking and becoming a different shape. Do note that I have not moved nor touched them within those months. What does this mean? Is this a mere form of neglection or does it have a completely different meaning.
<p>.? How were they being used are they stone or made from clay</p>
<p>actually, if you think about the concept that any advanced science would be indistinguishable from magic, God could be a super advanced being that put us in a advanced virtual reality and we just can't tell. that of course is just a crazy idea, but also for all i know is that god and heaven could just be a figment of imagination that humans created to make us feel better about death. I am a mormon, have been for my whole life and if you read some stuff about our beliefs you can understand what I mean by i believe in god but not the paranormal. One last note, the paranormal is really magic related or mystic and god is belief of a higher being that created us all</p>
You said you don't believe in the paranormal, but the basis of the morman religion is absolutely paranormal. A ghost supposedly showed John Smith where Godly relics were buried, and even spoke to him, telling him how to decipher what he found... So I don't understand what you mean by what you said.<br>In addition, how can any religious individual, of any belief, not believe in the paranormal realm... Angels, the holy ghost, the resurrection of christ, answered prayers, satan, etc.
<p>I find this interesting I am reading a fantasy book and it mention runes. I thought itwas the writer making stuff up</p>
<p>I am new to the paranormal world. I am young, only 14 actually. When I went to a psychic for the first time I was skeptical when he told me that I had abilities. But once I went to more psychics and they all told me the same things (ex: poltergeist abilities, being psychic, absorbing energy more than normal) I knew that everything was kind of starting to make sense. Quite a few of the people I've talked to have recommended me using Rune stones as a way to further advance myself. I have also tried and am still trying to contact my spirit guides to help me further understand myself. I really don't know what I am doing, but this page really helped me get an idea of where to start. </p>
<p>The Futhark are not for people toying with new age nonsense and vague notions of spirituality. They are an intrinsic part of pre-Christian Germanic religious structures that cannot be understood in a 3 paragraph blog post. The word &quot;rune&quot; itself hints at the grand mystery behind each of these symbols, a gateway to forces that even Odin had to suffer for to wield. They are a mystery even to the Norns who carve the fate of all who dwell in Yggdrasil in these very symbols. <br><br>This poster's blatant bastardization of the process with celtic themes is anther casual blasphemy to a world view all but lost after Romans conquered &quot;Germania&quot;. You will receive very skewed results and call curses on yourself like this. <br><br>Toy not with what you don't understand or suffer the consequences of meddling with the fabric of reality. And since I know you wont listen me anyway, may I suggest you read &quot;Futhark&quot; and make a robust inquiry into ancient Germanic religion BEFORE you follow some new age &quot;conglomerate&quot; of whatever flakey reconstructed &quot;magic&quot; you find posted in online blogs? (For the same reason you should know what you're doing with Chemisty, you know)</p>
<p>thurisaz for protection and uruz for strenght? im sorry, but im quite sure this is not accurate, thurisaz is not only the symbol of strenght, as it is to order, represents the j&ouml;tun and the go thor, thurisaz is a symbol of strenght and order, linked to thor, and the inverted thurisaz is a simbol of wisdom, not linked to odin, but to ymir, the inverted is also a symbol for chaos</p>
Thank you insomnia :)&nbsp; Our long-time effort has been to introduce the mystic, paranormal &amp; metaphysical arts to show people it's something that can be enriching.&nbsp; I really like this site; I think it encourages creativity in the most positive way possible. &nbsp;We hope this is the beginning of many good times here.
you know this is kind of funny to me to come home and find three paranormal/metaphysical 'ibles posted from one source when I&nbsp;was just thinking earlier about how the internet makes the dissemination of 'mystical' knowledge so much easier. <br /> <br /> Wonder where we'll all be in a few hundred years regarding the majority view of 'religion' - I mean, look at scientology. Christianity was treated more or less the same *I&nbsp;think, don't quote me on this*&nbsp;when it was starting up. So what'll be the major religion in a few thousand years, if our species is still around?<br /> <br /> <br /> Sorry for the tangent xD&nbsp;Again, well written. <br />

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