How To: Really Cool Led Script for Arduino





Introduction: How To: Really Cool Led Script for Arduino

a kindof simple sketch I made fro leds with Arduino for s sick effect of the leds!

Step 1: Hardware Needed:

1) Arduino uno R3

2) 12 light emitting diodes [leds and you can use more than 12 or less than 12 if you want]

you should have an even distribution of the leds: in this case 3 red, 3 blue, 3 green, and 3 yellow leds.

3) [4] 220 ohm resisters {band sequence- red,red,black}

4) 9 bread board jumper wires

5) Solderless bread board

6) the sketh that I will provide for you

Step 2: Put Leds and Resistors Accordingly

follow the picture

You should use different color LED's to make it look cool

Step 3: The Code [sketch]

here is a download link for the code above.

I forgot to change the name from to cool led lol




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I hate to sound real dumb.....but what does it do?? I am looking for something that would turn on random leds for a random length of time. Perhaps 12 to 20 leds in the group. I want to randomly light windows in the buildings on my Ho train layout. Like people entering and leaving rooms.

looks like an interesting little project however, your instructions are not that clear - especially the circuit ,,,,,

sorry about that I will make better and clearer instructions in the future

also I updated the picture of the circuit with a diagram

Great Intro to Arduino project. You should definitely enter it into the Make It Glow contest.