Picture of How To Record A Podcast From A Phone
We are recording a series of podcasts as part of our effort to extend the impact of the Learning 2005 conference. These podcasts are recordings of interviews conducted by Mark Oehlert with numerous facilitators from the conference.

The following steps will illustrate how Mark is currently recording these interviews and how he is posting those to both a blog and a Wiki. This set up is a bit more complex than the standard podcast for two reasons - to get as good an audio recroding as possible and because instead of a single person doing a podcast, Mark is actually recording interviews so we have to be able to catch both sides of the conversation.
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
As mentioned in the intro, Mark is using two phones since to capture these interviews. The two lines enable us to make sure that we capture both sides of the conversation.

Our method requires the following supplies:
A phone
A phone audio recording device ( ie. the Quick Tap from JK Audio)
A Laptop
Audio recording software (any program that can record from your audio input)
AudioBlogging/ Podcasting hosting service

Step 2: Connecting Inbound Audio

Picture of Connecting Inbound Audio
Now that you have 2 phones, you need to make sure that you can capture the audio on your computer. To do that Mark is using a device called "Quick Tap" from JK Audio to tie these phone lines into one audio cable that plugs into my laptop. You can see the little Quick Tap box and the jack going into my laptop.
acer50506 years ago
grand central wont do that. but will easily no equiptment at all, call the free 888 number an ur on
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Check out grand central. Same thing with no hardware.