How to Recycle Bottle Lids Into Slingshots





Introduction: How to Recycle Bottle Lids Into Slingshots

here is my full how to tutorial on how to recycle bottle lids into slingshots.

More Detailed HDPE Slingshot tutorial:

Rambone slingshot tutorials:

Rambone slingshot blueprints:

i hold no responsibility for any damage or injury caused if you try to re create this weapon.
if you do make this weapon be safe and always wear glasses when using it.
always use this weapon in a safe and controlled environment where no one is in danger because of your actions!
don't be an idiot!

This is a video is promoted by a collaboration with theartofweapons and MyGunfreak`s Channel. Both channels persue the same goal and basically build similar things. If you whant to see more on the topic of the video please visit the two channels:

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    Great tutorial. You could also make some cool knife handles out of this stuff

    Nice work! Have you tried shredding the diff colored materials before heating and then maybe layering with un shredded? Also i am going to use a PPG product called 330 dx to clean before heating... Any thoughts?

    Nice work and excellent narration on your video. You sound just like a pro! I've now got to go make one of these with my son.

    Very interesting recycling work. Do you think a heat gun could do that? I have not an electric oven.

    3 replies

    I think that a heat gun might get too hot but it might

    I wonder if hair dryers will work since its not as hot as heat guns

    No, hair dryers don't work.

    Excellent instructable; nice presentation! Is that the family oven you're using? Is that safe? BTW, the red & white mix in the video kinda looks like bacon, doesn't it?

    1 reply

    yep and it is completly safe at below 175 c because no fumes are created

    thats a fantastic idea. keep it up

    Very well done ! Lots of details & safety tips, GOOD SHOW!!