How to Reduce Odors Without Using Harmful Chemicals





Introduction: How to Reduce Odors Without Using Harmful Chemicals

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I have used vinegar and baking soda to clean for a couple of years and have had great success using them. I wanted to share how you can reduce offensive odors in your home by using vinegar, baking soda, and candles. Lighting a candle reduces the odors in the home. If you place vinegar in a small jar on a bowl and set in a room it greatly reduces the odors. You can do the same thing with baking soda. Using these products reduce the amount of bad chemicals that affect the environment. Baking soda and peroxide work well together as you can see from the difference in these shoes. Would you believe that if you set out a glass of water next to where you will be cutting an onion the water will absorb the odor of the onion. After you are finished chopping the onion drink the water and see what happens. It will taste like onion water.

Vinegar and baking soda help to balance pH levels by changing the chemical make up of odor-causing acids and alkalines bringing them closer to neutral. Because it is acidic, vinegar is more effective at neutralizing bases, and baking soda is more effective at neutralizing acids. If you mix vinegar and baking soda together when soaking smelly clothing, they will mostly cancel out each other.



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    Candles produce carbon-particulates, carbon-monoxide and soot - there is a negative trade-off there.


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    I did not know that! Thanks for sharing Lemonie! I might go back and change that after the contest. Care to share a link? I wonder how much spray someone would use to spray their whole house. Would burning a candle add more to pollution than that? I have not done a lot of research on that as my sister tells me all about what she finds. Sunshiine

    It's the yellow-flames, a bit like diesel-engines but not the same mix of carbons.
    Having said that, human-bodies are tough and mental well-being is more important than most people realise. If someone will buy it, someone will sell it to them - it isn't necessarily the best ("air-fresheners" being no more than chemical-vapours)


    Your comment is much appreciated! I am still learning! Have another sunny day! Sunshiine

    I love the smell of a clean house. Using these supplies ensures that the 'clean' smell is really clean, rather than just overpowered with perfume. You hit on one of my favorite cleaning aids; baking powder and peroxide. I've cleaned my sofa and a mattress by sprinkling baking soda, then spraying peroxide until all is damp. Wait 24 hours then vacuum. Amazingly the baking soda absorbs all the dirt. My mattress looks like new as does the sofa. Keep on posting dear Sis, I enjoy all these wonderful ideas you come up with.

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    You are my inspiration! Big sisters are totally awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Alwayls useful ideas, Sylvia! Thanks for sharing them.

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    Thanks for commenting! Have a super day!