How to Regrow Celery - the Celery Regrew Roots!





Introduction: How to Regrow Celery - the Celery Regrew Roots!

Click here to see all of my YouTube Videos - This is the second part of my regrowing celery experiment. The first time I tried for two weeks and had no roots. Thanks to the comments on the first vieo I kept trying and I found that it took 2 1/2 weeks or better to have roots grow. Also, if you put a shallow slices in an X fashion on the bottoms, about an 1/8th of an inch deep, ir speeds up root formations.

I have finally proven that it does indeed regrow roots therefore it is regrowing. Just like with onions. I felt like if it's not making new roots, it's really not regrowing. I needed to see the formation of new celery roots for me to believe it really is regrowing.

The next step is to redo the experiment and see what comes of it in hydroponics or soil. Does it fully regrow or does it just finish growing what was left when it was harvested. I will do at least one more video exploring that aspect. Stay tuned!




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    i like doing this to so thanx for the share

    I'm interested in seeing what happens, too.