How to Remove a Dried in Food Stain


Introduction: How to Remove a Dried in Food Stain

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So its no secret... Im kinda a slob when it comes to eating. But in my defense, i am a geek and spend most of my meals in front of a keyboard either working or gaming. So its really only a matter of time before I end up wearing some kind of condiment or oily substance on my shirt. After a few months, I start to develop a thirty minute habit in the morning of putting on a shirt, cursing, removing the shirt, applying a new shirt, cursing, and so on. After trying ever solution ever invented, a friend (whose grandmother owned a dry cleaning business) finally showed me a way to remove stubborn dried in food stains. I had my doubts until she save a favorite tee shirt from " back closet purgatory".

Step 1: Necessary Ingredients

This is the simplest supply list ever. You will need the following: A pile of oily food stained clothing that have been pending donation/destruction/disposal in your wardrobe. And Baby powder ... I kid you not... Baby powder. I went with a name brand but I'm sure any will do. Thats it. Thats the supply list... NEXT STEP!

Step 2: Apply to Clothing

So i was told that for this trick to work, it is important NOT TO RUB the powder in. Lightly dust the stain with enough powder to cover the stain. Most baby powder comes in a bottle similar to the attached picture with a perforated top. Its going to prevent a direct application if powder to the stain. My recommendation is to center the stain around the ring of powder that come out of this cap. Then take the shirt and lightly pull on the shirt until all the powder moves onto the stain and the baby powder is absorbed into the cloth. Pull on the fabric to ensure that the powder is in every crease of the stained fabric. Make sure the stain is covered and fold the fabric up. Store away for 6-24 hours.

Step 3: Shake Out Clothing And/or Wash

Once you have let your shirt sit. Simply go outside and shake the clothing out. If you did not rub the powder in, you should be able to shake all the powder out and visually see that the stain is now gone! I was able to wear my shirt immediately that night since it was already fresh from the wash. I even smelled baby fresh!



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    baby powder used to be made of talcum powder and was found to contribute to ovarian cancer so corn starch is now used. Cheaper yet :-)

    4 replies

    Absolutely, as that is what baby powder is made from these days...

    The powder is on the shirt, not on your butt... Thank you for sharing the cancer info.

    talc is no longer used in baby powder, that was the point.

    Looking forward to giving this a try. I'm a big fan of Vietnamese soup (pho) and every bowl I eat seems to leave me with spots all over my shirts. :P

    Thank you! I don't think I am sloppy, but all my shirts have a magnetic-like attraction to food. :-) Can't wait to try this.