How to Remove a Sharpie From White Board


Introduction: How to Remove a Sharpie From White Board

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Step 1: Materials

Get a regular white board marker and an white board eraser

Step 2:

Find where u have the sharpie

Step 3:

Cover the sharpie mark with the regular white board marker

Step 4:


Step 5: Finish

Done u will have to repeat the steps a couple of times hope this helped heart and follow!!!!



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    4 Discussions

    Hand sanitizer also works well if you need something quick!

    Doesn't smell like alcohol. Might be another similar solvent.

    its the alcohol in the dry erase marker that helps. regular rubbing alcohol will work too

    I've used this technique to get Sharpie off of a variety of surfaces, including violin cases! Makes me wonder what's in the whiteboard markers....