Introduction: How to Remove a Sharpie From White Board

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Step 1: Materials

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Get a regular white board marker and an white board eraser

Step 2:

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Find where u have the sharpie

Step 3:

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Cover the sharpie mark with the regular white board marker

Step 4:

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Step 5: Finish

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Done u will have to repeat the steps a couple of times hope this helped heart and follow!!!!


CallieJP (author)2015-12-18

Hand sanitizer also works well if you need something quick!

stubbsonic (author)2014-02-15

Doesn't smell like alcohol. Might be another similar solvent.

Ageless Kronos (author)2014-02-15

its the alcohol in the dry erase marker that helps. regular rubbing alcohol will work too

srohwer (author)2014-02-14

I've used this technique to get Sharpie off of a variety of surfaces, including violin cases! Makes me wonder what's in the whiteboard markers....

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