This is a new Take on removing a stripped screw.  I think we have all seen the old ways of removing a stripped screw.  For example, use a tool to cut a slit in the head so a flat head screw driver can remove it.  Well have you ever tried to remove a 3" screw with a flat head screw driver.  It is a nightmare to say the least!  How many times have you grabbed the vise grips to try and speed up the process to realize that wasn't a great plan either.  Or how about those specialty screw removers.  Well all I have to say is the three sets I bought must have been defective.  They caused me more headache then the original stripping of the screw did.  So now what are we left with.  I guess you could just break the screw off.  Most wood screws will break off by hitting them side to side.  But that isn't a good quality job or maybe you need a screw where that one is.

Well your not alone.  I've been down this road way to many times and I have found the winning solution.  It's fast, easy and your going to think why haven't I already thought of this.  Or maybe you have!

Step 1: Getting A Grip On Things

Well I have seen many DIY videos telling me how to get a stripped screw out.

Step 1
Strip screw head!

Step 2
Yell words the kids are not suppose to hear

Step 3
Apologize to the wife for being such a bad person in front of the kids

Step 4
Use a Dremel  with a cutting disc to cut a groove through the center of the screw head.

Step 5
Put a band-aid on your finger you just cut while yelling more obscene words.

Step 6
Find a flat head screw driver, hopefully you didn't through out all your grandfather old tools.  Do they even make these things anymore?  I'm just kidding guys!

Step 7
Spend 30 Minutes trying to remove it then switch to the vise grips to finish it off.  Be sure to take breaks and use more obscene words.

Step 8
Get the same screw and after it strips again do steps 1-7 again with more bad words involved.


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