Cleaning surfaces that have grease build up and gunk can be a taunting task.  I have always been good about cleaning my stove top after I use it,  so it does not build up.  The past few weeks I have not felt well, so you can see the terrible mess I had to clean up. My husband bought this stove for his mom ten years ago and it is difficult to clean.  I would have never chosen this stove.  Manufacturers are designing much more efficient appliances that are easier to keep clean.  Don't you just love those flat top stoves?  I have discovered a great way to clean messes like this without using harsh chemicals.  Let's get started. 

Step 1: Products To Consider

Grease build up can be cleaned using an oil base cleaner or concentrated liquid dish soap and baking soda.  I have great success using Murphy's Oil Soap, Concentrated liquid dish washing soap, or Lemon Oil to remove the grease, so one can begin to clean the food from the surface.  I have had great success using an all purpose cleaner and Baking Soda for the food particles.  
Hi. Any idea how to clean built up grease on a window screen? I keep a fan in the kitchen window, blowing out so my whole place doesn't smell of cooking. I was thinking easy off. Not sure tho. Any ideas?
I don't think I would use oven cleaner. It could melt the screen if it is plastic mesh or if it is metal it could discolor it. I am fairly sure you could use cooking oil, lemon oil, or Palmolive Oxy power decreaser. I have never tried this method but if I had a greasy window screen this is what I would try, but can't say it would not damage the screen or if it works but with my experience I would take the risk and be surprised if it failed. You never know through. Please let me know if you try it. <br> <br>I would spread a generous amount of oil over the screen on both sides and let it set for a while, then I would rinse it thoroughly, then clean it with a very good cleanser or degreaser. If it does not have any wood around it, and if it would fit in a dishwasher I would run it through the pots and pans cycle if you have one. <br>I hope this helps, and thanks so much for asking and do have a splendorous day! <br>Sunshiine
<p>Any tips on preventing grease splatter and buildup on the oven ceiling. Any thoughts on making an aluminum foil cage?</p>
<p>Oh wouldn't it be great to not have to clean that! Sorry I have not created a way yet but maybe someday! Someone should design an oven ceiling plate that is re-movable. Thanks for commenting and do have a splendorous day! </p><p>sunshiine </p>
My stovetop is calling your name! ;-D
If I lived nextdoor I would be hearing my name called and your stove top would be smiling!<br>Sunshiine
As always a good instructable with lots of new ideas for me to try out.
Thanks dear sis for your support! Have a sunshiiny day! <br>Sunshiine
Great suggestions sunshiine. I like the lemon oil. Actually using just lemon juice works really well as a degreaser. And if you save your lemon halves (after juicing them), and use them with some baking soda, you can pretty much eliminate the paper towels on the really gross stuff. ;)<br><br>oh btw, I saw your note about the sink. I look forward to the next one! ;)
Thanks canucksgirl! I will have to remember that about lemons and give it a try. I am always experimenting.

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